april 5th, 2012


In order to provide a platform for young artists and to create a match between art and denim, Blue Blood asked six artists to put their signature on Blue Blood denim overalls. The result of this creative cooperation will be showed during the exhibition: WHEN BLUE BLOOD MEETS ARTISTS.

Blue Blood selected the six artists Merijn Kavelaars, The Olifants, Lize Korpershoek, Boudewijn van Ingen, Venour-Tegendraads and Bobby Wassenaar on their talent and divers creativity. The combination of these six artists will leads to an interesting and divers exposition.

Merijn Kavelaars his work is a spontaneous outburst of emotions which is translated into an expressionistic and frequently figurative play of colours. Merijn is working as an artist for 3 years now and has already generated a lot of fame with his signature ” Vieze Mannetje”.

The Olifants is a young creative collective that started in the summer of 2008. The origin of The Olifants’ work can be found in various subcultures as street art, graffiti and tattoo art. Illustration, fashion and graphic subcultures also play an important role in their work.

Lize Korpershoek is, among a lot of other things, known for her project “Help Lize aan een laptop”, where she draws her character art on pictures for money. Lize draws on festivals, has her own t-shirt line and is working on a children’s book.

Venour mixes autonomous art with new media. Venour is a creative collective that makes innovative concepts and designs. Right now they are mostly occupied with web, art, performance, film, clothing, artwork, Dj-ing and Vj-ing.

Bobby Wassenaar his endless humor and insane idea that he can make everything until opposite is proven. This forms the basis to passionate, spirited and explosive art.

Boudewijn van Ingen is active since a year in order to visualize his creative brainwaves on canvas. He loves dark surfaces and straight lines which is clearly reflected in his abstract way of painting.

The exposition travels along the Blue Blood shops:
P.C. Hooftsstraat 142, Amsterdam: April 21th till May 11th
Oude Binnenweg 65, Rotterdam: May 12th till May 20th.

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